Lately, I’ve been addicted to wattpad. Literally addicted. It is an amazing site and you should totally check it out! I totally recommend it!

Perks of using wattpad? Many.

1|Convenient. Wattpad has a ton of books. And you can even write your own books if you want. The best thing? It’s an app! And if you save the book that you are reading in your library, you can read it offline! Honestly, I still wonder how I survived all those years without wattpad. Which is.. Actually you don’t need to know my age, I think I’ll be judged. And no, I’m not like, old, ugh **shudders** I’m actually pretty young.

2|These books are free! Completely free! So is the app! And website. Some of these books even get published in real life!

3|I feel like you can never get bored on wattpad. Like I said: there are a ton of books on wattpad.

But as good, and as awesome wattpad is. It has it’s cons. Maybe not many, but still.

1|You have to wait for updates. Unless the book is completed of course. How long do we have to wait? It depends on the author. Sometimes, a few days. A week. Weeks. A month. Nearly a year. Hey! It’s possible.

2|The book gets taken down by wattpad. Yes, it has happened. Sometimes, the book gets accused of things that aren’t true. Which leads to them getting taken down. And it has happened.

3|It’s a sample. I honestly hate it when they are samples. It just makes me not want to read it anymore. Since you’re not going to get the full story. And then they would tell you to buy the book on amazon kindle or something. And it’s just like they’re using wattpad to promote their books! It’s terrible. At least to me. 

Those are some pros and cons. I’m not going to use my brain and think of all the possible pros and cons, ’cause:

1|It’s summer! My brain automatically turns off during this time of the year!

2|I’m lazy.

3|That would be a lot, I think. And I don’t think you would read it.

Anyways, you should totally check wattpad out! And if you have it, feel free to give me your username. I’d totally love to check you account out.

My username on wattpad is Megsie2835

Just like on here.

Anyways. I have a few books on wattpad. I’d love it of you checked them out and gave me feedback!


‘Till next blog!